Sewage Treatment Plant for “The Altona” Ikoyi, Lagos.

5th September 2021 Project Overview The Altona is a sophisticated apartment building in Ikoyi. It boasts of luxury modern facilities including Biotech Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant; providing the ultimate lifestyle solutions for their clients who appreciate healthy and finer things in life. Web: Call: +234-8168285849 or Email:


From the giant and wealthy nations like U.S.A, China, Germany, France and United Kingdom to thriving continents like Africa, it took the invisible but deleterious Covid-19 to prove the interconnectedness between public health, global economy, travels, social life, finances, education, livelihoods  or our mental wellbeing. The unfortunate reality is; the deadly virus like any other 

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Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant-Your Trusted Partner

Thinking of Wastewater or Water Treatment Plants? Biotech is the industry leader in packaged wastewater and water treatment solutions. We are a forward-thinking company with an extensive solution and product range.We offer variety of both standard and bespoke solutions with all the benefits of a localised distribution service from our base in Lagos, Nigeria. Biotech 

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