Biotech Solution Company Limited has significant experience in the design, manufacture and supply of GRP storage tanks suitable for storing a wide range of clean or corrosive liquids.

Our extensive product range of above ground storage tanks offers varying diameter mandrels from 1000 to 4000mm and our in house design engineering team can provide you with a purposely sized tank, tailor made to your specification and fully compliant with BS4994:1987.

Our on-site manufacturing process also means we can customise your product, constructing wall thicknesses to suit product and temperature, whilst you continue to benefit from our low cost processes and economies of scale.

Choose from a wide range of cylindrical tanks…

  • Cylindrical tanks (CHT)
  • Vertical tanks (CVT)
  • Vertical bunded tanks (CBT)
  • Horizontal tanks
  • Storage capacities of between 1,000 and 250,000 litres


Our storage tank solutions offer considerable cost savings through a value engineered design that reduces the need for civil works – limiting staff time required on site. It is designed and manufactured under robust factory controlled conditions.

Technical Excellence

Our unrivaled expertise in the design and manufacture of large scale storage tank solutions means we can continually meet the expectations of our client’s site requirements. We consistently delivers high performance and specialist product storage that complies with all industry standards.


All our storage tanks are rigorously tested off site to ensure we consistently deliver the high standards Premier Tech Aqua is recognized for.


All Biotech storage tanks are available with condition specific resins, all of which comply fully with Industry and WRAS approval standards.


Manufactured at our on-site production plant, our storage tanks provide customers with the reassurance of excellent mechanical strength combined with a lightweight construction for ease of installation.


All our tanks are corrosive and maintenance free and guarantee complete chemical resistance, suitable for storing a wide range of liquids at a range of temperatures.