As required by The Environment Agency’s PPG 3, all separators must be fitted with an alarm system to provide visual and audible warning when the level of oil reaches 90% of its storage volume.

The alarm system is triggered when the separator is in need of immediate emptying to ensure continuous and effective operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Option for installation at a remote supervisory point
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste management visits
  • Easy installation
  • Audible, visual and text message alert alarm systems available

Mains Powered System

Mains powered alarm systems are best suited to new builds or sites where installation of the necessary cabling and ducting is straightforward and economical.

Solar Powered System (Flashing Beacon)

This option requires no mains power supply or any significant cabling or ducting, making it an economical solution for large sites and when retro fitting alarms to existing oil separators. A High-Intensity Beacon will flash when a problem is detected.

Solar GSM Alarm

The Solar GSM alarm sends a status report on your separator to a mobile phone number of your choice. The status of the GSM alarm can also be tested at any time by simply sending a pre-recorded text message via your directed mobile phone for added peace of mind.