Biotech has a strong track record in the design, manufacture, and delivery of containerized water and wastewater treatment solutions and containerized pilot plants.

We offer robust, transportable turnkey treatment solutions across a wide range of applications to meet the needs of our global customer base, applying a ‘plug and play’ approach to minimize site installation and commissioning costs.

We draw upon our off-site manufacturing (DfMA) capabilities and our plant operating experience to ensure that our containerized solutions arrive right the first time and are fully site-ready.

Typical Application

Key Benefits

Versatile Containerised MBBR

The Versatile range provides either a standalone biological treatment stage or a complete system for the treatment of wastewater to a high standard.

Housed within standard 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers, the units can be easily and economically transported to any location.

Using our experience in process treatment plant design and on-site fabrication, the Versatile range provides a robust, plug-and-play solution to temporary treatment requirements and for applications where discharge to a sewer network is not possible.

Installation and commissioning are rapid, with only a minimum of civil and ancillary works being required and comprehensive after-sales support service is offered.