Why is a grease trap needed?

To prevent grease entering a treatment plant where it can have a detrimental effect on treatment process and can stop it treating completely.

In many countries it is a legal requirement to have grease traps on a commercial kitchen drain including Europe and the USA.

Main Features

The Biotech range of GRP Grease Traps/Separators works through a simple two-chamber tank where wastewater enters the primary chamber and debris settles. The wastewater then flows into the gravity separation chamber where grease and oil rise to the surface.

A low-level pipe removes the separated water from the secondary chamber and releases it to the drainage system. The surface layer of grease will remain inside the tank until it is removed by a Waste Disposal company.


  • Fast food restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial facilities with canteen
  • Houses were significant preparation of meals is made per day



Biotech grease traps will, by the removal of fat and grease:

  • Greatly reduce incidents of blocked drains from catering establishments
    •Improve the performance of Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Prevent contamination of small sewage treatment plants
If the flow rate is known select the appropriate flow rate from the table below.
Flow rate from kitchen BGNS Separator Capacity L Diameter Length Flow l/s Nom/Max
1 l/s BGNS2 1250 1000 1718 1(2max)
2 l/s BGNS4 1750 1000 2330 2(4max)
4 l/s BGNS7 2600 1200 2427 4(7max)
5 l/s BGNS10 4300 1200 3957 5(10max)
8 l/s BGNS15 6000 1500 3645 8(15max)
10 l/s BGNS20 8500 1800 3640 10(20max)
13 l/s BGNS25 11000 1800 4623 13(25max)